The project aims at developing innovative solutions for the protection of communications in the field of natural gas transportation.

Objective 1 (O1): Analysis of HASEL's existing technology

Within this objective HASEL will organize for the UPM team a series of visits, seminars and workshops to ensure a detailed presentation and transfer of knowledge related to its technology. Several meetings are foreseen to provide a detailed technical understanding of HASEL's technology.

Objective 2 (O2): Development of security components

This objective will provide the design and implementation of security components. By "security components" we understand the suite of software components ensuring a three-tier protection: data transfer security, anomaly detection, and remote attestation.

Objective 3 (O3): Development of security component administration sub-systems

The objective will deliver a solution for the monitoring and management of security components.

Objective 4 (O4): Integration and validation

The objective will ensure the development of test cases, the testing and validation of PROTECT-G's technologies. Together with HASEL, UPM will recreate, as much as possible, a realistic laboratory-scaled environment, which will serve as testbed for the validation of the proposed solutions.

Objective 5 (O5): Internships and knowledge transfer

UPM together with HASEL will elaborate an advanced training formation course for HASEL's employees and students.